hi :)

Hey! I did it! I now have an appropriate place to write all of those super personal things I used to post in the most inappropriate way ever. Score. And by the way, can I just say how much I love y’all? Like everyone who reads this random stuff I write and comes up to me in person and encourages me and covers my family in prayer, I love you. Y’all are so wonderful…since we first announced this baby on my other blog back in February to now, we have cherished your words. Thank you…

I wish I had done this a few months earlier cause now I can’t remember much. And that makes me sad. So I’ll just try to play catch up for my own sake…and I’m thinking I’ll start with our ‘babymoon’ quickie vacay?? That was late April. No, I don’t have time to blog that. Next time. So, let’s chat nursery. Why is every other first time mom so incredibly gifted and motivated when it comes to decorating and organizing a nursery? I do not have this gene. I know it started out of a fear in buying things for this baby and dedicating a space for him and then, you know, the worst happens…one of my last memories being pregnant the first time was window shopping for baby stuff and receiving one little tiny baby gift and having to go home, face that gift, and bury it deep in a drawer after a very sad doctor appointment. I was really funny about gifts and hand-me-downs I received till about 26 weeks. I’d have John Paul put them all in a secret place in the garage that I didn’t know about, or I’d keep them in the trunk of my car. Which is sad. And weird. And totally not embracing faith and freedom in Christ. But that was me. And I started the nursery thing a little late in the game. And having a teeny tiny house didn’t help either, cause for every one thing added, two things needed to leave and three things needed to be reorganized, re-purposed, or decorated for the first time. It overwhelmed me. It still overwhelms me. Thank goodness for momma’s who fly into town and organize everything from baby gifts to high school memorabilia. That happened a week and a half ago…and now I can breathe. Still don’t have a mattress, or little decorative stuff, but the bones of the nursery are all pretty much there. So…here we go:

View from door:

Again, no mattress. But I’m not doing any fancy bedding…just a sheet. And typing that makes me feel like a bad momma. I have no idea why. Just incase you’re wondering, I’m watermarking these images not because I’m super proud of myself ;) but because I’ve had images stolen, and I don’t like it. Especially when it comes to my sweet baby boys room. Not that anyone would think these are worth stealing, but you know…the internet, she scares me.

Below is the sweetest quilt my sweet friend Paige made for baby Sam. We keep the note she wrote with it in his dresser drawer, cause it’s that good y’all. We love you Paige, and we think of the peace of the Lord whenever touch or see this quilt. It’s precious to us. And that elephant? Well, that’s because I’m crazy and baby boy and I listen to ‘Baby Mine’ from Dumbo every night. And we cuddle. Well, I cuddle and he wiggles. And sometimes I cry. It’s my favorite part of the day.

And this is now my most favorite seat in the house. It’s normal to sit and rock for hours at a time in the quiet in your yet-to-be-born baby’s room, right? I mean, like other people do this, no? No? Just me? Cool.

And his sweet little rocking horse his Grandma repaired and gave him. I love it.

This is the part that’s still super undone–I know I should by a pad cover and figure out what to put on the wall. Though, I did walk in there a few days ago and Samuel’s daddy had apparently dug that deer head out of the garage and set it just so (notice it’s perfectly centered) above the changing table. I might reward his efforts with a dedicated nail…I mean, I haven’t put it back in the garage yet…we’ll see…

So that’s it! Nothing super exciting, thanks for bearing with me :) And to go completely off topic, Dreft laundry detergent is my newest favorite thing. If that smell doesn’t prepare you for motherhood, I don’t know what will. I could sniff it all day. Just all freakin’ day.

I guess I’ll start with the normal pregnancy update stuff now: I’m in my 34th week, we’re getting more and more excited everyday. I am not ready to be done being pregnant even though I must look miserable to everyone cause that’s all people keep asking me, ha! I’m learning to rest the minute I get tired. Cause I figure that will help once he’s here and I have to grab a nap here and there whenever I can. Since I have been doing that, it has helped with the swelling and it has eased late in the day emotional spurts. I can’t tell you how wonderful my husband is. It’s like a switch went off in both of us these last two weeks…I can’t really explain it, it’s just the Lord’s grace. Our hearts are being molded and prepared for Samuel in a way I hadn’t experienced, and we both seem to be experiencing it together. Though we walk through it differently, we’ve been able to share something new on the same level together. It’s really a sweet time.

I’ve been reading lots of books lately and one has particularly spoken to my heart. We’ve been praying specifically for wisdom and peace as this pregnancy is coming to an end and Samuel’s birth nears. We don’t take his birth lightly. We don’t take his life entrusted in us lightly. And I (of course) cried when I read the prayer written from the author in one of my current books…it’s my heart for my family and what I will pray for my many pregnant friends and those trying to conceive as well.

“…Lord calm their mind with your Holy Spirit and allow them to go confidently in the knowledge of Your redemption and grace. Cast out all fear from their minds and place a hedge of protection so that they might be encouraged and confident in You. Above all Lord, may you be glorified in Your people, and may this birth be a testimony of your love and faithfulness…Your little children declare Your love, so establish Your love in the life of this child. We praise you and thank you in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Sometimes things just speak to you. That spoke to me. I need divine wisdom and divine peace. Just now feeling the gravity of growing a family. The responsibility and the blessing of being a parent…it’s the most amazing gift I’ve been given. Anyway…love y’all, love baby Sam. Will keep blogging now regularly:)


3 thoughts on “hi :)

  1. Love the blog name. Love the nursery. Love YOU and sweet baby Samuel. I have been so blessed to walk parts of this journey with you. Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for your family.

  2. Sugar, this is beautiful, and so are you. The nursery is perfect, and I’ll be glad to provide material and labor that nail you were talking about. You are always a delight (well… there are times…forgotten times), but I’ll have to say that you’ve been more delightful to be with as a pregnant woman than any other time in our life together. The Lord shines on you! That boy of mine is going to be a blessed man because of you.

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