quickly, quickly…and other baby shower photos.

I hear that a lot “…quickly, quickly” from the husband. No one can blame him, I tend to be late. But ONLY when it comes to something he’s involved in. My solo stuff, I’m always at least a few minutes early. There’s probably a lesson in respect there that I need to learn..but we’ll save that for post-pregnancy. And actually, now that I think about it, since I have become ginormous and slower than the average person, I really only hear things like: put your feet up, I’ll wait on you, are you tired?, was that one of those fake contractions? you should rest, and (my favorite) oh your poor feet, can I rub them? Yes, yes you can. Always.

Have I mentioned how much I love being pregnant? It’s probably 95% because of Johnny. I’m spoiled. But for the sake of my mother-in-law’s heart, can I just state in black and white that I love him back just as much? K. Thanks.

Anywho, I’m trying to blog quickly. First I guess I’ll update everyone with stuff from the 36th week. Had a much better doctor appointment today, she was back to lovely, accommodating and  open to hearing this crazy pregnant lady’s hardcore questions and plans. Now I’m flexible, but I’m not going to sit idly by without doing my part in research and prayer as it concerns the birth of my baby boy and fully allow everyone else to make decisions for us based off what is ‘normal’. But again, I remain flexible. You really don’t need to give me the ‘all that matters in the end is a healthy baby’ talk…I get it. But I do believe we (as mothers and fathers) are responsible for more. We are responsible to prayerfully walk through these decisions and days…cause you know, I bet sometimes the Lord has a better way. That better way isn’t always different from ‘normal’, but maybe sometimes it is. I guess what I’m saying is you don’t know if you don’t ask, you don’t read, and you don’t pray. Something I know in theory, something much harder for me to do in real life. Especially when it concerns this baby boy…seems like when the prize is biggest, the stakes are the highest, we tend to latch on to anything we can see, hear or touch, and we discard our spirit, our ability to walk in faith. And no prize is bigger than baby Samuel. And at no time have I been tested more. So in a nutshell, my poor doctor has quite a lot on her hands in this patient. But for the whole 7 minutes we saw her today, we were encouraged. And that’s much progress from last week :)

People want to know this stuff, so I’ll just tell you–I’m at 2cm. Up from 1cm last week. I’m convinced this means nothing, but it still makes me feel accomplished :) I’m still in my 36th week and completely content to go another 5ish weeks if that’s what it takes. I’m in no hurry…but I am excited. Crazy excited.

I was going through pics from May, so I thought I’d cover beginning the weekend my daddy came into town to help start all the house projects to get us baby ready. He is a perfectionist when it comes to anything home repair, technology or me related. And I have learned that we can now add Sam to the list of his perfection-itch. Thankfully though, that means the nursery wallpaper (non pre-pasted) is perfection. Perfection in an old, non-level home is tough to do. Especially when his partner is Johnny ‘get it done as quickly and as decent as possible considering the time allotted’, ha! Loves him. Did I tell you he installed a ceiling fan yesterday and actually took his time? And then he did the same thing with the new bed frame he’s building me…so proud.

 He’s so proud…wallpapering really requires the utmost muscle strength.

once it was all done, I had to test how the light reflecting off the new gold metallic background was going to translate in camera…I spend way too much head space thinking about light. Annie thinks so too. She’s excited that a new subject for the camera is coming soon.

Finally the view from our bedroom that I had been dreaming of for what seems like forever. Seeing a baby’s room within throwing distance…my heart, it leaps.

Here we go to baby shower pics…I was so blessed beyond words. Two in Dallas, one here in Gulfport, all completely perfect. I took minimal pics, I wore the same outfit to two out of three (and some maternity photos too…don’t judge), and here we go…Dallas shower #2…

Mom, Sister & Me

This pic is so funny to me…and if you knew this man (my wonderful step daddy), you would think so too.

 Me & Sis again, and adding the lovely Sister-in-law too :) who flew in from Colorado, I might add. And I might add that it made me cry. And I might add that lots of things make me cry…

Had to throw this one in there…

Special person…unexpected guest

(it was mothers day)

Now for the Gulfport shower, my lovely friend Paige took over all photo and blogging duties…bless her sweet soul. I will fulfill all my baby shower, quilt making, maternity and birth shooting for her when the time comes :) For now, here’s just a few from that shower…some she didn’t post. For all the rest, please visit her sweet blog. She’s worth the click. Fo sho. So do it, click here.

Me and sweet momma-in-law & me and sweet sister-in-law (1 of 2…why the other one and I didn’t get a pic is beyond me. But oh how I love her…and her…and her)

This is my favorite pic of the day…worth reposting from Paigey’s blog. This is Bethany. She is lovely. And for some reason I was super interested in her baby boy at this moment, and it makes me giggle. And now that baby is one month old :)

My Kasie…fun fact: she was randomly one of maybe 3 people I called within the hour of finding out I was pregnant with baby #2. I still have no idea why or what compelled me to do that, but it fastforwarded our friendship with lightspeed. And I couldn’t be luckier :) And she’s the lucky winner of a whole week with this preggo lady starting in just a few days, whoop! yay for youth camp…and yay for driving my own getaway vehicle :)

And my fav pic of me and Paige…for some reason she chose not to love it as much as me and blog it herself…so I will do that for her :)

Now I’m caught up through most of May! Yay! Have a happy July 5th and 6th (which is my birthday, by the way…) and I hope it was a happy July 4th as well. Speaking of which, what is the acceptable tolerance for neighborhood fireworks? As in, what time should it end? I always think it should be about two hours before everyone else does…which is unfortunate when you’re 9 months pregnant ;)


2 thoughts on “quickly, quickly…and other baby shower photos.

  1. What the heck is that picture of me and you about? Please oh please lets make it a number one priority to get a good picture of us together asap. Ok enough about me and that ridiculous outfit. The blog, it makes me laugh, and smile, and tear up a little.

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